About Me



Hi! My name is Paula Clegg and I am a ceramics teacher, artist, and mother of triplets living in Minnesota. Since I was very young, art has been a passion of mine. This inspired me to become an art teacher, so I could share my passion and love of art with my students.

In college, I took many art classes including painting, drawing, sculpture, and ceramics. The subject matter for my artwork is typically inspired by nature. Most of my paintings are flowers, animals, and landscapes. It was in college, that I discovered my love for pottery. I was obsessed from my first class and spent countless hours working to improve my skills.

After finishing my Art degree, I went on to get my Masters of Art Education. I was lucky enough to student teach in a ceramics classroom and this is where I discovered my dream job! Even though I knew being a High School ceramics teacher was my ideal job, it took me awhile to get there. I started my career teaching elementary Art. I taught elementary Art for nine years. During this time, I got married and had triplets! I also continued working on my pottery skills by taking classes at a local Ceramics center.

One day, while spending time at a neighborhood park with my triplets, I met another teacher who worked at a local high school. We would talk when we saw each other at the park and I told her about my dream of being a high school ceramics teacher. She told me that there was an opening at her school and I should apply! So of course I did, and to my surprise I got the job!

I currently teach ceramics and sculpture at this high school and love it! I truly enjoy sharing my passion for pottery with my students and seeing their skills grow throughout my class. Being around my students and clay everyday really inspired me to create my own pottery, so we built a studio in the basement of our home and I started making my own pottery.

Because of my love of nature, my pottery is inspired by the colors and plants of the seasons. I work seasonally on creating artworks that others can use and enjoy during that season (or all year!). I am always changing and trying new things.

I strive to make pottery that is functional and fits into your daily life. That is why all of my pottery is made from stoneware with food-safe glazes. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe (as a mother of triplets, I know how important this is!). My hope is that my customers enjoy using my pottery as much as I enjoy making it!